18W-48W LED Linear Inground Light Beam Direction Adjustable

High quality 18W/24W/36W AC100-240V/DC24V single color, 36W/48W AC100-240V/DC24V 3in1RGB / 4in1 RGBW DMX512 LED Recessed Linear Inground Light Uplighting, Beam Direction Adjustable, LEDs are tiltable.



18W/24W/36W single color, 36W/48W 3in1 RGB/4in1 RGBW DMX512 LED Recessed Linear Inground, Light Beam Direction Adjustable


Application place: outdoor in-ground installation of buildings, squares, parks etc.

Lamp features: Maximum adjustable irradiation angle 30 degrees


Product Features:

  1. high-strength die-casting aluminum housing and inner body
  2. 10mm high transparent step tempered glass
  3. 304 stainless steel cover and screw fixing
  4. Surface high temperature spraying
  5. 18W/24W/36W single color, 36W/48W 3in1 RGB/ 4in1 RGBW DMX512 optional.
  6. Light Direction is maximum tiltable in 30 degrees.



Item Number: GYS-IGL-Linear-Tilt-W90

Power:  18W/24W/36W single color, 36W/48W RGB/RGBW DMX512

Input voltage: AC100-250V 50-60HZ / DC24V

Electrical safety level: Class I / III


LED Quantity: 18/24/36 pieces

Light color: single color, RGB/RGBW DMX512 optional

Beam Angle: 5/10/15/30/45/60/10*60/25*45 degrees optional

Lamp Size: L1018*W90*H105mm

Weight: 6.80 KG



Lamp housing color / lens angle / illumination direction angle / light color / input voltage / lamp body length


Size of the LED linear ground light:


  1. The embedded parts are buried in the ground
  2. Use a screwdriver to adjust the illumination angle of the lamp
  3. Place the lamp in the embedded part and tighten the screw with a screwdriver.



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