3W LED Inground Light 6000K 30°

3W LED Inground Light 6000K 30°


3W DC12V LED Recessed Inground Light IP67

This 3W DC12V LED Inground Light is  with a mall lamp body and a special large 110mm cover, which is specially made according to the customer’s request.


Power: 3W

Voltage: DC12V

LED Quantity: 1 piece 3W Epistar LED Chip

Beam Angle: 30 degrees ( 15 / 25 /30 / 45 / 60° optional )

Material: Aluminum Lamp body, tempered glass, stainless steel cover

and plastic pre-embedded part

Cable: 2*0.75 rubber cable 0.5meter

Lamp Size: H80mm * D110 mm

Waterproof IP67



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