1W/3W 12V/24V LED Inground Light Uplighting IP65

1W/3W DC12V/DC24V low voltage small LED recessed inground light underground buried lamp, uplighting, for outdoor garden landscape step stair pathway decoration lighting, waterproof IP65.


1W/3W 12V/24V LED Inground Light Uplighting IP65



1). Die-cast aluminum lamp body, durable and long life. ( Stainless steel lamp body is Optional )

2).304 stainless steel cover, ABS plastic embedded parts, tempered glass.

3). 1/2/4-way side emitting front cover is optional.

4). DC12V / 24V working voltage, safe to people.

5). Application: square, parks, garden, tree, building lighting, etc.




Nowadays, the lighting has surpassed the general lighting function and enter the field of lighting environment art. A simple inground light can achieve very good decoration lighting effect through its spot lighting.

LED inground light is a special landscape lamp to install underground. It can be seen everywhere in the current urban lighting project, and it is mostly used as a guide light on both sides of the road in the park or as an indicator light in the parking lot.

LED inground lights are different from the LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED point light source and other LED lights. LED inground light needs to pay more attention to the preparation work during installation.

The lamp body of the LED inground light is made of high-purity aluminum alloy material, the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, constant temperature curing, and strong adhesion. Generally, it has good waterproof and dustproof.



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