12W 18W / 24W 36W LED Floodlight 2 Installation Ways IP65

12W 18W / 24W 36W DC24V Osram LED Floodlight Tree Light, suitable for outdoor landscape wall facade decorative lighting.



12*1W 18*1W / 24*1W36*1W DC24V Osram LED Floodlight 

8°/15°/30°/45°/60° optional, 
2700-6000K / red / green / blue / yellow / rgb / rgbw optional


Product Features:

  1. There is no tempered glass as the front cover. So, the light output is higher. And the lens uses integrated design and there is no worry about the waterproof.
  2. The front cover is one-time forming. It has the air and water flowing design. So, there will be no water and moisture.
  3. The electrical part and the light source are sealed with silicon glue. The lamp body is up to IP67.
  4. 2 installation way for optional: cylinder or base.
  5. DC24V or AC85-265V is optional. But normally DC24V is recommended to use, which is more stable for the lamp performance.
  6. Suitable for wall façade and tree lighting etc..


Power: 12*1W/18*1W/24*1W/36*1W optional

Voltage: DC24V/AC85-265V


Beam Angle: 8˚/15˚/30˚/45˚/60˚ optional

Light Color: Warm White / Cool White / Red / Green / Blue/ Yellow/RGB/RGBW optional



Power / Beam  Angle / Voltage / Light Color



Artikel Number       System Power   Light Source                  Voltage                          Lamp Size

GYS-KLFLA-1218    12x1W / 18x1W     OSRAM LED     DC24V  (AC85-265V optional)        Ф158*H151 mm

GYS-KLFLA-2436   24x1W / 36x1W     OSRAM LED      DC24V   (AC85-265V optional      Ф207*H200 mm



Note: if you have other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.





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